Omfg I’m gonna love American Hustle Life, they already look like they seen the holy ghost

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  • To move slow as fuck
  • To talk to yourself
  • Out there there's a very rich guy who fell in love with you and his mother won't like you
  • Look shocked when a guy shows his chest and start screaming
  • Also look shocked and scared when you and the guy touch each other's lips
  • The guy will get to kiss you first,and you will stay still because remember 'you're shocked'
  • The guy will be an asshole at the beginning but he will end up loving you so freaking much
  • There are 2 guys who love you,and they will fight for you and punch each other
  • If something happens , one of the guys will randomly be like 10 meters away from you to save you
  • You will get a piggy back from a cute guy
  • There's a problem?Oh,don't worry,you could always get to dress like a boy
  • Poor people are mostly good people
  • Usually there's one rich boy and one poor girl
  • Even if 1 year passes you will all meet and have the same hair length and style
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CL - BTS of Maybelline Photoshoot!

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Bangtan’s new show is about to have me in tears laughing.

Namjoon said “This is Bullshit”

Kookie look scared of the man yelling at him to look straight

Hoseok looked upset that he was woken from his beauty rest.

Lawd I can’t wait for this show to start because once it does you might get a weekly review.

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Comparing Lee Michelle to Chad Future is insulting on so many levels that I can’t do anything else but laugh cause it just sounds stupid. How do you even in your brain say ‘omg people make fun of Chad but praise Lee Michelle??!!! Wtf hypocrites! ‘. Why? Why even do that? Two completely separate background stories and two people born and raised in two completely different countries. And then gon’ call people ignorant. Bye. No one has time for your tears.

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